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What do people say about me?

I'm absolutely new to computers so when things go wrong, I'm lost. The language had me bamboozled and it all seemed too complicated. When I rang around for assistance I often felt embarrassed because I found it hard to understand the instructions and then worse, the assistance would get short and condescending.

Then I was lucky enough to find Jake Fowler. Here I found the help quite different. He was patient for a start and because he was patient I found myself asking questions and he even seemed keen to give me full informative answers. Before long I had begun to understand. I was amazed and really grateful because now I can attend to many problems myself! ME! Wow!! And that has saved me money. I will not hesitate to call the friendly, kind and informed Jake Fowler again.
Thanks and thanks again

Carol D'Arcy

Dear Mr. Fowler,

This is to thank you for your expertise in setting up my home wireless network. The hardware was promptly delivered, and after just few minutes with you, my network was up and running.

Thank you again for your personal, prompt and courteous service.

Mr. Richard DeFilippo

I'm glad we have such a skilled Mac user in the area. Jake is always available when I need to learn more about my Mac, having problems with my Mac (which are rare), or just need pointers on how to do my job faster and more efficient. I appreciate the way you listen to my needs, then develop some really great solutions tailored just for me.

Also, I enjoy reading your articles in Kansas City Computer User Magazine concerning Mac.

Dan Magrone
Assistive Technology
Dept. of Special Services
Olathe District Schools

Being an Art Director on the go, I needed to have both my computer at work and home updated so that I could utilize both of them seamlessly. It was Jake who helped to get my apple system up to speed with all the latest software. It’s great to have someone that not only understands, but also has the knowledge and expertise to deal with all the graphic challenges of today’s technology.

It give me peace of mind knowing that for whatever computer problem I encounter, Jake is there to help get it back up and running smoothly.

Will Ray
Art Director
Wilson, Chapman and Re