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What services do I provide?

I specialize in problem solving. I offer a variety of services to get - and keep - you up and running.

servicePurchasing Advice

I can sit down with you and listen to your needs (and wants) to help you on the ideal system for you. I can also help you shop around for the best price on a complete system or upgrades and peropherals. I am not a salesman, I earn a living helping people make the most of their Macs.

serviceComputer Setup

So you got a new computer but don't know where to start? I can help you sort out the mess of cables and attachments, install drivers and software - including any new updates released. Sit back, relax - let me crawl around on the floor to get everything plugged in and put where you want it. I can also help you transfer your all of your applications and documents from your old computer (Windows or Mac).

servicePeripheral Setup

So you've bought into the whole Apple ecosystem but can't quite get everything to play well together? I can help with that too! Stream all of your movies and music on your Apple TV! View all of your photos on your iPad and iPhone! I can help get everything in sync.

serviceSystem Upgrades

You want a new computer, but just don't have the cash to spare? A new faster hard drive or solid state drive, more RAM, even a graphics card can do wonders for your aging Mac. I can install it all for you! I can also help you with your OS and application upgrades.


When the inevitable happens, I can fix it.

serviceNetwork Setup

Get all your computers on the internet and networked so you can share files between them! I can set up a wired or wireless network including mixed networks(Mac/Windows/Linux).


Whether you're learning how to use new equipment or getting more from your existing Macs, I can help you get the most from your systems.